Protonic develops and produces electronics for intelligent machines and equipment

Intelligent control for Industrial machines

Electronics solutions for a range of markets

Protonic develops essential components for the control of intelligent machines and equipment. We do this on behalf of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and for a wide variety of applications. Our electronic products contribute to our customers’ product development and help us add value to our end-users in their daily operations. We work for a variety of markets:

Cutting-edge technology

Protonic is one of the pioneers in global developments in electronics, control engineering, software and the internet of things. We perform cutting-edge research into the application of new technologies and test innovations in our lab. Our areas of expertise include:

Research and co-creation

Protonic specialises in the development of electronics for current and future applications, based on our areas of expertise, new technological possibilities and our customers’ preferences. We have all the facilities in place for research and quality control. This allows us to research, test, simulate and develop customised solutions in co-creation with you. So that you can market new products according to an improved design within a shorter timeframe and at lower cost.

From assembly to shipment

Protonic masters the entire production process for electronics and other products. That way, we can efficiently offer our customers not only the highest quality, but added value through additional services. In a broad sense our production capabilities comprises (automatic) assembly, testing, full-automatic coating, supply of complete products, and professional packaging and shipment.

Research, testing and
quality control

Protonic has all the facilities in place to conduct all the required research. We have our own R&D department as well as a fully compliant semi-anechoic chamber for EMC tests. We also perform surge, EFT and ESD tests. We have been ISO-9001 certified since 1996.

Exceptional knowledge partner

Protonic has been an exceptional knowledge partner for 45 years. On a daily basis, our team of 65 experienced professionals work on the design, development and production of future-proof electronics products for the control of machines, equipment and instruments. These are used in every industry imaginable. Our vision and proactive attitude contribute to the success of our customers.