Electronics solutions for
a range of markets

Protonic develops essential components for the control of intelligent machines and equipment. We do this on behalf of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and for a wide variety of applications. Our electronics products contribute to our customers’ product development and help us add value to our end-users in their daily operations.

Agricultural technology

Protonic has broad experience in the agricultural sector, which is characterised by greatly varying ambient conditions and a continual search for more efficient working methods, higher yields and a reduction in the use of fertilisers and pesticides. Sturdy machines must provide optimum quality at all times and be resistant to vibrations, chemicals, moisture and greatly varying temperatures. After all, repairs during harvest season neet to be prevented at all time. We translate these high production requirements into the designs and production processes for our electronics products. Active participation in the standardisation committee for the agricultural sector helps us to continue to provide our customers with products that meet today’s requirements and those of tomorrow.

Medical technology

Safety has top priority in the medical world, particularly for equipment in direct contact with patients. As such, control of research or intervention equipment must be 100% reliable. This places great demands on the electronic components. We can meet these requirements thanks to our extensive experience with product development for medical technology and co-creation with the hands-on experts at our customers and end-users. We also maintain a stringent quality policy in our company. Nowadays the medical sector is under great (financial) pressure, requiring efficiency in all links of the medical chain. We contribute to this with our expertise in the design for excellence and an efficient organisation of our development and production process.


Industrial machines often operate (semi-)continuously and, these days, not as standalone but as part of a production chain. Machine downtime not only results in direct costs for maintenance, but more particularly also in lost time and production. We supply high-quality electronics products designed for intensive use under extreme conditions. Our products guarantee long machine and equipment life, both technically and financially. Moreover, our smart electronics go well with the internet of things, with which machines can be monitored remotely. That allows construction engineers and end-users to perform preventive maintenance and prevent undesired situations.


The experiences Protonic gains in the specialist agricultural industry with, for instance, products for tractors, is increasingly used in broader automotive as well. This industry is at the forefront of safety of (constituent) systems. We supply the electronics products that go into these systems, including safety components and software, while accumulating knowledge in the process that can then be used in other industries. We have extensive facilities for testing and quality control. That way, our products contribute to durable automotive systems that operate optimally and safely under all conditions

Energy and infrastructure

Infrastructure covers a broad domain – from large-scale energy provision to civil engineering to utilities. Projects in this domain often have the same priorities: safety, durable operations, long life (technically and financially), understanding of the process (for preventive maintenance purposes) and high EMC requirements (electromagnetic compatibility). Protonic has designed its processes to provide all that. Safety and reliability are at the heart of our product development and electronics production, we have our own facilities for EMC tests and our smart electronics go well with the internet of things (for instance for monitoring). With our electronics products, customers and end-users can meet the high requirements for the control of the infrastructure.