From assembly to shipment

Protonic is equipped tot handle the entire production process, from assembly of electronics products to shipment of packaged products. That way, we can efficiently offer our customers not only the highest quality, but added value through additional services.

Automatic assembly

Protonic’s production process is entirely geared to the efficient assembly of electronics products. We cover all the steps in the assembly process and with a high degree of automation. For this we use a wide range of machines in line with state-of-the-art technology:

Supplying complete products

In addition to electronic components, Protonic assembles complete products or product parts. We do this in line with the international IPC standard (for standardisation in the electronics industry) and have mechanised the process steps wherever possible. Moreover, we have a conditioned room for clean production, which allows us to assemble your products to the highest quality standard.


Protonic delivers its electronics and other products fully tested and well documented. An optimally functioning product requires extensive advance research and thorough subsequent testing. In consultation with our customers, we draft a testing strategy for each product and convert this into test routines that we ourselves program. We have the following facilities in place for performing the tests:

Fully automatic coating

Products are sometimes applied under conditions that require protection of the electronics from, for example, chemicals or moisture. Traditionally, this protection was provided by manually applying a coating. For a better result and a more efficient process, Protonic has invested in a coating line. With three robots, a facility for double-sided coating and a length of 16 metres, this line is unique in Europe. This in-house automatic coating facility offers our customers controlled and constant high quality. This way, we efficiently improve protection of your products.

Professional packaging and shipment

Packaging and shipment is a crucial final step in the production process of vulnerable products, such as products that may be sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Protonic can arrange this packaging and shipment for customers in accordance with their preferences, that may include other (commercial) aspects. Examples are customer-specific packaging or inclusion of manuals or product accessories. We can then either immediately ship them to the customer or end-user or store the packaged products in our own warehouse for delivery on demand to the customer. Use of return packaging is an option. That way, we not only work in a customer-friendly and ESD-safe manner, but are also ecologically friendly.