Family-run company rooted in technology

Established in 1972, Protonic is a knowledge-intensive family-run company active in the development and production of electronics for automation of machines, instruments and equipment in a range of different markets.

Continuity and growth

Protonic Holland was set up by Ad de Bruin as an industrial automation company in 1972. Over the years, focus shifted to electronics for the control of a wide variety of automated machines, instruments and equipment. Professionalism has been a priority from the very beginning. We were one of the first companies in the Netherlands to be awarded ISO-9001 certification (by KEMA). In 2005, the second generation came onboard when brother and sister Michiel de Bruin and Tanja van Truijen-de Bruin joined as management members. With them the continuity of this family-run business was garanteed.

Protonic has experienced many years of controlled growth thanks to the commitment of all our employees and regular investments. Using the latest machines, technologies, processes and (test) facilities, we can always offer our customers state-of-the-art solutions. Our active quality policy builds a strong foundation for our growth.

Wide range of specialisms

With a team of 65 professionals, Protonic helps clients realise ingenious and high-quality electronics products. Sustainability, safety, future-proofing and performance are at the heart of what we do. Using the latest technologies, we contribute to the success of our customers. Now and in the future.

Our team consists of experts with a wide range of knowledge and experience. We have specialists in electronics (analogue, digital and HF), electrical machines (e-machines and drives), mechanics (development of machines and equipment), energy management, EMC, safety and standardisation, testing, embedded software, Linux and Android.

Focus on R&D

The Research & Developmentdepartment is the major linchpin in the company. Through the day-to-day involvement of our specialists in technological research and product development, we give true meaning to the term knowledge-intensive company. Their dedication helps us to provide future-proof products to our customers.

Protonic worldwide

As a knowledge-intensive family-run company, Protonic is involved in the development and production of electronics for automation of machines, instruments and equipment in a wide range of markets. We work for international customers all around the world.

The Netherlands

Protonic Holland
Factorij 36, 1689 AL Zwaag
The Netherlands

T +31 229 21 29 28

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

As a family-run company, Protonic applies corporate social responsibility to all aspects of its operations. We work towards continuity of the company and employment, focus on such themes as increase in the number of entrants in technical education, and produce sustainable electronics by means of small footprints, efficient use of components, application of re-usable materials, and minimal power consumption.

Job vacancies

Protonic regularly has job vacancies and is always looking for well-educated and ambitious candidates with a passion for electronics. We are a recognised training company for apprentices and offer various work placements. Interested? Send us an email and let us know why you would like to join us.

Sharing knowledge

Protonic actively works towards sharing knowledge – not only with individual customers, but also with the industries in which we operate. Examples are participation in the Dutch agricultural standardisation committee and the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) and our membership of the board of the Industrial Electronics industry of the FHI Federation of Technology Industries.