Cutting-edge technology

Protonic is one of the pioneers in global developments in electronics, control engineering, software and the internet of things. We perform cutting-edge research into the application of new technologies and test innovations in our own lab. That way, we contribute to the success of your products.

Durable controls

Protonic has its roots in the development of controls for complete factories. Therefore we know what is needed to guarantee the correct operation of controls in demanding environments. We use that knowledge and experience to develop and produce reliable and durable controls for varying applications in the industry, the agricultural sector, automotive, infrastructure or for medical environments. Moreover, our products support the online monitoring of machine and equipment operations, allowing timely intervention where necessary. Efficient and safe.

Embedded software

Software forms the heart of any control of intelligent machines and equipment. As such, the development of mostly embedded software is an essential part of the development processes at Protonic. Demands for machine functionality continually increase, also the possibilities of hardware, software and communication (such as the internet of things) grows continously. This trend results in increasingly sophisticated control platforms and enhances the complexity of the embedded software.

Protonic has decades of experience with various platforms and mainly use open-source software, such as MainLine Linux. We maintain our own board support packages for the embedded systems, for which we use a standardised basis that we will, of course, continue to develop, because our software development in particular has to be future-proof. We can simply integrate new functionalities into the control software that forms an integral part of our electronics products.


The safety of machines and equipment must be guaranteed. Protonic has the necessary expertise to process the requirements for safety in hardware and software development. We have broad experience with the development and production of safety components and back-up systems for varying applications, in line with applicable standards for functional safety. Our electronics products help guarantee safety and prevent undesired situations. Adequate safety of machines and equipment can also help prevent incidents, enabling end-users to control the continuity of their production.


MMI (man-machine interface or human-machine interface) is an essential part of products that require operation by a human. Our MMI’s come in a wide range of designs, from simple to state-of-the-art. Logical, intuitive operation by the user is the self-evident starting point for the design. In addition to customer- or application-specific control panels, often fitted with a touch screen these days, standard smart phones and smart tablets are also catching on in industrial automation. Protonic delivers a complete environment, including the necessary apps for end-users.

Power electronics

International requirements for the energy efficiency of engines and other products are becoming increasingly strict. Protonic has the required knowledge of power electronics. We can fully integrate the direct control of high-power components, such as those for electric motors, into the control unit. AC, DC, servo, reluctance or other types of motors – our specialists know their way around them. They can customise any type of motor control for your application.