Research and co-creation

Protonic develops electronics for current and future applications, based on our areas of expertise, new technological possibilities and our customers’ preferences. We research, test, simulate and develop in co-creation with you. “Design for excellence” is our motto.


Because the development of a new product is anchored in the research phase, Protonic has a strong Research & Development department. As a knowledge-based company, we explore the possibilities that technological developments offer for new applications and new products. We study such trends as smart industry, big data, the internet of things and sustainability, and research which (electronics) functionalities will be in demand shortly and in the future. We take into account the applicable standards and legislation and closely follow new developments in this area as well.


A development process starts with establishing the preconditions. Once these are clear, Protonic develops a new product in co-creation with the customer. Together, we go through a number of phases:

EMC test lab

Protonic prefers to keep development knowledge and facilities in house wherever possible. To that end, we have invested in a fully compliant semi-anechoic chamber for EMC tests. We also perform surge, EFT and ESD tests in house. This enables us to perform tests for different product groups in line with applicable guidelines and standards, for instance for agricultural, automotive or industrial products. This method saves time and costs.


The development of complex systems stands to benefit from early, well-grounded design choices based on simulations of (constituent) systems or (constituent) processes. Protonic can perform simulations of, for instance, control systems with electric motors, even before all the mechanics are available. Using a model of the system to be operated, we carry out a simulation to test the control method and the motor of your new product. Simulation using a test configuration saves development time and costs and will result in better design choices. This way, we help you market your products in line with a better design within a shorter timeframe and at lower costs.